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Free Exclusive Access to CHAPTER 5: IDENTITY from Glenford’s life-changing book From Problems to Power. In this inspiring and enlightening chapter, you will learn:

–What your self-image really is and why it is the most important factor in overcoming your setbacks and problems

–The difference between the “Grasshopper Mindset” and the “Giant Mindset” and which one you must have to win in life

–How to see yourself BIGGER than your problems

–How to not feel like a victim ever again

–Why it is dangerous to have lots of money while having a poor self-image

–How to never again allow anyone to belittle you or tell you what you can or cannot do in life

–About the AMAZING scientific development which proves anyone can change their self-image

–The 3 steps to a powerful self-concept and how to apply them in your life

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