Problems to Power: Overcome Setback

Learn How to Overcome Setbacks And Bounce Back From Adversity…Without Losing Your Motivation, Momentum And Focus 

Resilience–which is the ability to bounce back from adversity–is what ultimately separates winners from losers in life. Check out the inspiring life stories, cutting edge ideas and proven strategies on this page.  They’ll help you to become a resilient winner with the skills for turning your obstacles into opportunities for success, growth and  contribution. 

Nick Vujicic: An Extraordinary Story of Life Without Limbs

If you ever thought you couldn’t live your dreams because you suffered a painful setback,  Nick’s story will prove otherwise. Find out how he moved from attempted suicide to awesome success. Read more of this article.

Donald Trump: From Billions in Debt, Back to Being a Billionaire Again

If you’re up to your neck in debt, stopped in your tracks by a frustrating financial roadblock, then this article is for you. You’ll learn the precise step Donald Trump used to bounce back from being $9.2 billion in debt to becoming a billionaire again. Read more of this article.

Patrick Rhoden: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Suppose you were suddenly transformed from a healthy, active person into a bullet-ridden cripple overnight? How would you cope? Learn the steps one man used to turn his brush with death into a fulfilling and profitable business. Read more of this article 

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GG His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen“I want to specially recognize Glenford Smith, coauthor of Profile of Excellence. In addition to his positive Gleaner Careers column every week...I also want to commend him on the publication of his highly inspirational and practical book From Problems to Power. Thank you, Glenford, for your work with the "I Believe" Initiative and also for your dedication to empowering and uplifting our people."–His Excellency The Governor General Sir Patrick Allen


ann marie allenUnlike Any Book I've Ever Read 

Dear Mr. Smith. I bought your book (From Problems To Power), a couple months ago and I must say it is unlike any book I've ever read. Well, I am at chapter 36 and I must say God bless you for sharing. I am indeed empowered, I am more relaxed in the midst of challenges, I learned so much and am still learning. The right encouragement at the right time. Praise God! I must say while reading, the circumstances came alive to me; sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried, and there were just times when I was simply relaxed, learning more about life and getting more intimate with God at the same time. Again, I say God Bless you! And I continue to read. Normally when I read, I pass on my books to someone else but I pray for the financial resources to buy one for all my loved ones because I'm not giving mine away. --Ann Marie Allen | May 6, 2013

Grate Grand Baby 029A Really Good Book

Greetings My Brother! Peace be to you and your household.While on vacation in Jamaica, it was my good fortune to  listen your interview with Michael Cuffe on Power 106FM. It was most empowering. Your vibes was most uplifting and your message is what our people need to hear. I thought I had to get a copy of your book "From Problems to Power" to take back home with me. Thank you for making it happen. I have started reading it and want to congratulate you on a powerful book. It is a really good book. Only by a man's works can he be justified; I am glad to know you by such works! This is a photograph of me reading my copy on my flight back home. Thanks. --Keith Jahbi Stewart | Nevada City, California | Feb 8, 2012